12 Gift Ideas For Hip Hop Fans

Christmas, Birthdays… yes it’s time to buy a gift for the Hip Hop Lover in your life!

Looking for a cheap but fun Hip Hop gift?

Hip Hop Air Fresheners!


Click on the images to buy rappers Air Fresheners

  • DJ Cat Scratching Pad

You have a friend with a cat who loves Hip Hop and Scratching? This is what you need! A scratch pad designed for your kitty!  Buy it here

  • Hip Hop vinyl figures and Rapper Dolls


Click on the images to buy Hip Hop Vinyl Figures

A book?

From Hip Hop Music books and Graffiti Books to Rappers Coloring Books! All ages and budgets!


You can check here for a full selection of Hip Hop related books



Vinyl record players / Turntables

Wifi, Wireless, Portable… so many options when it comes to buying a record vinyl player turntables


Click on the images or click here to buy a full selection of Turntables / Vinyl record players

Hip Hop and Jazz Vinyl Records

 If you are still undecided, a Hip Hop classic vinyl record is always a safe choice.



 a Jazz Vinyl Record?


A New Classic?

What about some nice 90’s Hip Hop T-Shirts?


See Full Hip Hop T-Shirts Selection HERE

  • A Cassette Rug?       An inflatable Boom box?   A Madvilain Mask?



  •   If you are on high budget you can go for some exclusive sneakers!

A Notorious BIG fan? Buy a Coogie Sweater!

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